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TOPFor who joins Kumagawa rafting for the first time.

For who joins Kumagawa rafting for the first time.

The reason of choose LANDEARTH!

Representative director:
Shigemitsu Sakoda

Land Earth’s prices are the most expensive ones among the rafting service providers in the Kuma River. But our prices have not changed at all for the last 10 years. We are a professional rafting service provider. We provide our services throughout the year, unlike other companies who offer their services seasonally only during the summer as a side business. We devote considerable efforts for customers to enjoy rafting safely and greatly. We acquired rafting-related certificates 10 years ago, and all of our river guides are RAJ (Rafting Association of Japan) -certified. Moreover, most of our staff took the course for Swift Water Rescue Technician at RESCUE 3 JAPAN (headquartered in Sacramento, the U.S.).
we state that we have all licenses required that concern rafting that are available in Japan.

We have acquired all the necessary certificates related to rafting, currently available in Japan. Besides, we have comprehensive insurance signed up to take appropriate measures. There are many emerging start-up companies in the industry, but currently it is getting very difficult for them to buy insurance. We enjoy the confidence of our insurance company, and signed up for both accident insurance and liability insurance. The liability insurance payout is 700 million yen per case. The insurance plan we have is particulary good compared with the other rafting service providers in the Kuma River region.

Training for new guides are professional, as we take 1 to 2 months to ensure that they understand and are fully able in guide techniques, rescue abilities, knowledge of the river, and of course entertainment skills. Sending new guides to handle customers with 2 or 3 practices is not permitted in our company.

The pride of the Land Earth.

In the beginning,Tours in Kuma river,Kawabe river,Mae river which developed by Land Earth. Tours conducted by our pioneering main office is even more special.

Handsome and fearsome!? 3 river guides good at handling ladies will take care of you! Many of our customers are ladies, we are very proud of that!♪

You can relax at our clean changing room and ladies room, we assure you feel great!!

Land Earth aims to overall outdoor sports enterprise and owns Patagonia and outdoor shop O.D.DEPT(means leaving to outdoor).

Outsides Kumamoto prefecture, we also have a branch office in Tanegashima (Tanega Island) in which we provide for sea kayak and snorkeling activities as well as surfing schools which activities could not hold in the Kuma & Hitoyoshi. We aim to ensure that our customers have a highly enjoyable day.

We, Land Earth, use raft boat made by AIRE (USA), the most expensive raft boat available here in Japan. This boat is light and very strong, most suited for rafting at Kuma River.

Let's enjoy the Kuma river rafting!!

Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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