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TOPspecial route Kawabe river & Mae river

Welcome to the Landearth special route!!

Kawabe river & Mae river

If you are a rafting junkie, check out heavy rains and typhoons!!! You are NOT satisfied with standard tours? Looking for excitement? Join this tour to feel the adrenaline flow through your body! Try out super-angry torrents, which are available only when the river gets swollen dramatically by typhoons and heavy rains. Our charismatic guide will show you the way.
Tours in these two rivers are, In fact, developed by Land Earth. Tours conducted by our pioneering main office is even more special.

In 2010, thanks to abundant rainfall, we were able to provide approximately 30 rafting tours. The annual number of this tours to be organized depends on rainfall. When rainfall is low, only about 5 tours can be organized, and about 10 tours has been catered annually on average.

※Please contact us, if you are interested in this special route. We will put you on our priority list and let you know in advance, when we think we can do the tour. The price is the same as the standard course.

For your reference, there had been a longtime discussion about a dam construction project in the Kawabe River, where our special route is offered, but the plan was called off in 2009. The Kawabe River, the largest tributary of the Kumagawa River system, boasts of the clearest river water in Japan, and we are extremely happy that its prime rafting territory has been protected from the project. We guarantee that it’s worth trying, even if you take a day off from your work to check out this tour.

Upper rafting Kawabe river

Upper rafting Kawabe river

Clear streams come in rainy and typhoon seasons. KAWABE River <Grade 3~4>

The Kawabe River, the largest tributary of the Kumagawa River system, has the clearest river water in Japan, (according to the publication of Japan’s Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry in 2009).
No more dam projects. Great!

Rafting Mae river

Rafting Mae river

River of phantom. You could go if you are lucky! MAE River <Grade 3~4>

Branch in Kuma river, Continuousness of rapids and rapids! Only when great flooding!!!

Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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