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TOPNote for entry to the activity

Note for entry to the activity

Points to Remember

Please proceed next after you read below carefully.

Participation requirements

Older that junior high and person who are healty mentally and physically.
It is ok if you cannot swim!
Please consult with us if you had big injure before or have chronic disease.


Immunity agreement

Our activity have various danger and sometimes our staffs cannot garantee all safety.
In that case, participant's movements by own jadgement will be necessary. We ask participants to sign our liability waiver of our regulations beforehand to confirm participants accept that.
(If participant is under the age of 18, guardian's acceptance is required.)



Participants automatically join the casualty insurance.
Please deal in the self-responsibility with insurance like this.
Joining insurance company "NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd."


Suspension of the tour

Although the tour will be continued in rain in general, it might be canceled due to condition of nature such as freshet on the day. When the tour is suspended, we will try to decide and let the representative know a day before. In this case we will put you in priority for the next booking on the day suit to you. Also,please bear in mind that the contents might be changed due to sudden change of weather.



When you want to cancel after completing all the activity on booking, we will charge you the cancellation charge below.
Note: We will charge you even if you have not payed yet when cancellation as below.

7-2days before
30% of entry fee
One day before
50% of entry fee
On the day
All amount of entry fee

If you read all above carefully, then please proceed next step.

Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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