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TOPSpecial routeRafting Maegawa

Rafting Maegawa

River of phantom. You could go if you are lucky! Rapids continue one after another. Highly Adrenaline-inducing Tour.

This is a special route only available when the river rises dramatically after typhoons and heavy rains. Our charismatic guide will take you to a new territory of rafting experience. We guarantee that the dream-like rafting in the Mae River worth trying, even if you take a day off from your work to check out this tour.

※Please contact us, if you are interested in this special route. We will put you on our priority list and let you know in advance, when we think we can do the tour. The price is the same as the standard course.

Entry fee1DAY
(with tax)
The minimum passenger count is two.
(Inquiry if one person)
※Please refer to the discounts list here.
  • Equipment complete set rental
  • Lunch
  • Guide fee
  • Insurance
Customer's belongings Sports sandals (strap down your heel)
Or wettable sports shoes
Sunscreen cream
Swimming goggle if you wear contact lenses
A band to avoid to move off a glasses
Onsen goods
If it is cold, a thermal jacket or a nylon underwear, courage, etc..

1DAY Rafting tour Time table

09:00 A meeting place is our office > change clothes > Move to the start point.

10:30 Arrival to start point > Equipment wearing > Safety talk > Technical lesson

11:00 Start! Warm up, enjoying ourselves on a river in the morning.

13:00 Enjoy open sandwiches for lunch.

14:00 Afternoon division (The real part starts!)

16:30 Finish!

17:00 Take Hot spring.

※We may change the time schedule according to the weather and the water level.

Let's enjoy the Mae river rafting!!

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