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Ducky high tension tour

"Do you know "Ducky"? This might be strange to your ears. Actually, it is a canoe.
There are many kinds of canoes. Ducky is in a category of inflatable kayak. This kayak is filled out with air, different from the ordinary river one.

Even if you are not satisfied with rafting and desire for a stronger stimulation, you will surely be satisfied with this tour.
How about getting in ducky with your friend and conquering rapid Kumagawa or breaking up?

Much lower eyepoint than normal rafting will make you feel whitewater more realistic. This tour has no guide, so we determine the qualification of participants. The raftboat will support and rescue you.

Entry fee1DAY
(with tax)
It accepts by the pair.※Please refer to the discounts list here.
  • Equipment complete set rental
  • Lunch
  • Guide fee
  • Insurance
Customer's belongings Sports sandals (strap down your heel)
Or wettable sports shoes
Sunscreen cream
Swimming goggle if you wear contact lenses
A band to avoid to move off a glasses
If it is cold, a thermal jacket or a nylon underwear, courage, etc..

※Requirement:Has been experienced rafting 2 or more times in Landearth.


Ducky tour Time table

09:00 A meeting place is our office > change clothes > Move to the start point.

09:30 Arrival to start point > Equipment wearing > Safety talk > Technical lesson

10:00 Start! Warm up, enjoying ourselves on a river in the morning.

12:30 Enjoy open sandwiches for lunch.

13:30 Afternoon division (The real part starts!)

15:30 Finish!

16:00 Come back to the office and break up.

※We may change the time schedule according to the weather and the water level.

Let's enjoy the Ducky high tension tour!!

Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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