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TOPMaegawa Rafting course introduction - Mae-river

Maegawa Rafting course introduction - Mae-river

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Maegawa Rafting course introduction - Mae-river map

  • Rapid of Kozuru Rapid of Kozuru Continuation of huge wave suddenly.
  • Dog leg Dog leg An entrance bends and is hard to enter,Also There is a lot of holes on the way.
  • Rapid of Yakata Rapid of Yakata The greatest stopper of Mae River, There are two stoppers upstream, Therefore Fripp can assume that If boat lose force and enter here.
  • Rapid of Hebi Rapid of Hebi There was a snake first time I visited.
  • Nikochan wave Nikochan wave Let's rafting with a smile.
  • Dynamite body Dynamite body It is continuous of dynamite holes exactly.
  • Bamboo chute Bamboo shoot The worst difficulties of The Mae river, Course highlight, When run through it at speed such as the roller coaster then the rock front of us, The backwash is not seen when seeing from the upstream in rapids. Only this rock looks like the bamboo shoot.
  • z Coffee cap Coffee cap This is like that in the amusement park, Spining and spining.
  • Nice body Nice body It is narrow and dangerous..
  • Thank you Fujita Thank you Fujita The under the Fujita store who owner is the matchmaker of our boss.
  • Flip rock Flip rock Flip? it might be what.
  • Thank you tetra Thank you tetra A drop appears,If the tetra is an enemy of the rafting.
  • Jungle rafting Jungle rafting Narrow waterway between reeds.
  • Mobile dam Mobile dam Slide that can be courage only when opening completely.

万江川 MAE RIVER<Grade 2~3> River of phantom. You could go if you are lucky! Branch in Kuma river, Continuousness of rapids and rapids!
Only when great flooding!!!
rapid Explanation will be popup when mouse cursor rollover on rapid icons.

Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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