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TOPKumagawa Rafting course introduction - Kuma-river

Kumagawa Rafting course introduction - Kuma-river

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Kumagawa Rafting course introduction - Kuma-riverマップ

  • Rapid of Kumatarou Rapid of Kumatarou The first rapid is Kumatarou, There is a huge rock middle of the rapid. All flows gather here, also the boat crash at here... But don't worry! The great river guide handle here properly.
  • Rapid of Matsunohananosan Rapid of Matsunohananosan In rapids of the left-hand curve. A standing wave of around 1m is made on a day when much level of water,It is quite thrill. Also it can be enjoy when the level of water is few. Good rapid!
  • Rapid of Kugishime Rapid of Kugishime The watershoot that suddenly becomes narrow from wide width. A quite fast flow and straight,Also depth are deep.We recommended the body rafting experience in this rapid! It is extreme rapid which mean people run over by boat one after another!!
  • Rapid of Nara Rapid of Nara Quite powerful rapid, We proposes the style enjoys more to the customer who doesn't satisfy normal way.
  • Rapid of Tsunoore Rapid of Tsunoore Rapid strong as breaking of the horn as the name. As good as along the flow, It is good though take a harder right course. !Caution needed when level rising!
  • Rapid of Hakkan Rapid of Hakkan This rapid is such a beautiful flow, But 13M Huge rock on the front. If you spacing out you will hit to the rock so hard and to be whiplash injury.(Joke!) There cannot be such a thing, but it is the interesting rapid.The go-getter guide properly guides it.
  • Rapid of Takasou Rapid of Takasou It is the strongest rapid in the morning part.Surely 100% fun!You will get deeply Satisfy at here!! To the lunch point a little more when you clear here. The course ends at half a day.
  • Rapid of Komata(Zakzak wave) Rapid of Komata(Zakzak wave) This rapid becomes over 150cm height of the wave when the water level is high. The guide is tense, too and the guest screaming. Where a super-excitement point. It become super strong rapid by the noon. If you drop off at here you become shred as the name!?
  • Rapid of Hutamata Rapid of Hutamata We come until here finally.. Maximum rapid in Kuma-river. It becomes over 2M hight in the Max!! If you could clear here or not, It depends on skill of guide. The all of staff of the Landearth perfectly clear here. Could be enjoy Rafting with endless adrenaline going out!All members get so much excitement here.
  • Rapid of Shuuri Rapid of Shuuri Shurinose is twisted greatly in the right side. Huge rock on the strongest point in the corner and there is the point named Eddy on behind of it. You will spin like in the washing machine once you get in the eddy and then dragged into the water befor you know.
    However, it is safe. Landearth take perfect system of the rescue and make you get adrenaline going out safely!! Please break out with the everyday stress flatly with it.
  • Rapid of Amiba Rapid of Amiba Powerful rapid! The 50m width of river gets narrow to 30m width, and 5m hight differences from the top to the bottom. Hight of the wave is awesome!! You get so much adrenaline going out and you attack it so hard!!! Can be help! because most of the staff is super S?
  • Rapid of Takahana Rapid of Takahana It becomes rapid of the end of rafting tour. We go such rapid by wheelie style, because a peak of the excitement is here!
    Attention: Sometime the raftboat get oversets but do not care about it.

球磨川 KUMA RIVER<Grade 2~3> One of the three fastest streams in Japan. Paddler’s paradise in Kyushu. Course distance : about 11 Km The river is 115 km long in total from its source in the Kyushu mountains to the Yashiro Sea. After running gently through the Hitoyosi basin, the river turns to powerful white-water by running down to this much narrower area, attracting paddlers as the prime paddling destination in Kyushu. The water volume of the river is stable throughout the year, and there is also a turist attraction, Kumagawa Boat Tour, so it is quite safe area without dangerous spots except flooded seasons. rapid Explanation will be popup when mouse cursor rollover on rapid icons.

Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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