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TOPKawabegawa Rafting course introduction - Kawabe-river

Kawabegawa Rafting course introduction - Kawabe-river

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Kawabegawa Rafting course introduction - Kawabe-river map

  • Dkan Dkan Starting point of rafting; Whoomph!
  • Rapid of Glico Rapid of Glico You can proceed for 300 meters on each paddling, and there is a big eddy at the last point.
  • Chie Mama Chie Mama There is a frightening hole if you get stuck.
  • Big Mama Big Mama After descending 500 meters' rapid, there is a fall with a drop of 2 meters; big enough! If the water rises and splashes on the rock of left, it looks like a monster. The adrenaline begins to flow from the tour guide. How scary! Look at yourself, you were flipped and thrown away into the river!
  • Big Papa Big Papa A drop of 1,5 meters, the boat will stand up.
  • Rapid recruiting name Rapid recruiting name Two big holes! You can name them.
  • Rapid of Rodeo Rapid of Rodeo Rodeo rapid, the feature of land earth. Standing waves continue.
  • Tashiro hole Tashiro hole It is a hall where it can play.
  • Sankakuiwa Sankakuiwa When a triangle rock is covered with water, It is so huge!
  • Rapid of J Rapid of J There is a right curve as the name show, and a strainer in the end of the curve.
  • Rapid of Guu Rapid of Guu You feel small after you get here but there is a lower 1m drop.
  • z
  • Rapid of Konnon Rapid of Konnon The hardest point at reservoirs along the Kuma River, Mega Stopper with 2m gap! And also the flow is complicated, Wow you really drop down here!?

川辺川 KAWABE RIVER<Grade 3~4> Clear streams come in rainy and typhoon seasons. You are NOT satisfied with standard tours? Looking for excitement? Join this tour to feel the adrenaline flow through your body! Try out super-angry torrents, which are available only when the river gets swollen dramatically by typhoons and heavy rains. Our charismatic guide will show you the way. rapid Explanation will be popup when mouse cursor rollover on rapid icons.

Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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