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Rescue3 JAPAN Swiftwater rescue training is a rescue training system under whitewater conditions which has the most authority and achievements in the world; 6 million people in 15 countries worldwide has undergone training with this system. LAND EARTH's rafting is Rescue3 agency in Kyushu area. Please inquire for particular information to Landearth. This is an official web site of Rescue3 JAPAN.

patagonia The field service wearing clothes brand which is explanation-free. Not to mention a made product, there is always the thought and posture of the companies on the tip of the times. The photograph of product catalogues has a strong impact all, and there is the value of seeing.

Japanese rafting association Although it was the private organization in whom the national rafting company has joined, it became the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology authorization from this year. (Company) Chairperson Japan Canoe Federation Yasuo Fukuda.

KOA Kumamoto outdoor association The shop which is outdoor pro-non-power of Kumamoto establishes a new association in gathering Kumamoto. Leave the play of a mountain, a river, the sea of Kumamoto to "Kumamoto Outdoor Association". 

Aso nature land The store which can enjoy the Nature of all the Aso fully in various styles. The play a hot air balloon, a canoe, an MTB downhill and Bockerl can enjoy only here in the park including a paraglider, fully!

EL PATIO RANCH The magnificent location that can look around all over green and the Aso 5 mountains.  At this ranch proud of a very large site of about 300,000 tsubos, you can enjoy a horseback riding experience in the prairie or farm stay.

Bow Line Scuba The shop for divers representing Kumamoto, their catchphrase "which will play the earth thoroughly". Mainly diving in Amakusa, the number of experience is top class within the prefecture!

The Breakers Café&Surf The store freely touched with "enjoyment surfing" by the motto at surfing.  The surfboard of California is begun and it develops abundantly from a wet suit to sale of wear.  Since coffee can also be enjoyed, it is also glad that it can go to play cafe feeling freely.

Nansamayoka!Hitoyoshi There are pages such as the introduction events and the hot springs in the sightseeing spot in Hitoyoshi.

Kumamura Kumamura Information is here!!Please get it.

Hitoyoshi-shi It is full of information about sightseeing and the events etc in Hitoyoshi City. You must look at this when coming to Hitoyoshi to play.

Kumagawa rafting association Various activities are carried out in Rafting Company in Kuma-Hitoyoshi. Surprisingly, it's our president that Kuma-gawa rafting society was started!

L&A COMPANY This place is run by the instructor of our president. Please check out the place, when you come Hitoyoshi/Kuma area for rafting. If you want to enjoy delicious food, an Italian restaurant called “BUONOBUONO” is a perfect choice. If you want to enjoy beer, then go to an American beer hall called “MALT L&B.” Do you want to drink at a stylish bar? We recommend “L&A,” a shot bar. All the three spots are really nice. Give them a try.

Takaba Eizi A ceramic art writer (deformation creature ceramic art) of Hitoyoshi-shi, Kumamoto. He makes a work in the studio of the craft park.

Kagoshima Kayaks If it is a best sea kayak tour of Kagoshima. Let's meet to adventurer Mr.Nomoto.

WINDSTAR It is an outfitter who has held the sea kayak tour in the Kanagawa Prefecture & Miura peninsula. There is fully loaded about charm of the sea kayak in Kanto area. Please look it once by all means.

MARCHEN CHAPEL Please inquiry about the kayak scene in Kyoto to here.
Top sea kayaker of Japan Jr.Nishijima is here!

Terra Works They sharing enjoyment of the sea kayak in Okinawa. There is pretty warm ocean water in Okinawa!
Our boss shige who has been join to Kakeroma tour said「Absolutely good!!」

ROLLING-RAPIDS Home page of Kayak enthusiasts must-see! !!  River information is substantial from the homepage of the land ground. A person thinking about a down river is unmissable.

NAOSAN'S ROOM If you have less of laugh recently, Liik at this!

FOREST WATER Leave rafting in Yoshino-gawa of Shikoku and Tone-gawa of the Gumma-ken Minakami to [Forest and Water]!!

Lakewalk HP of the relaxation canoe tour which Mr. Takahashi who was a raft guide sponsors in Minakami of Gumma Prefecture. It is also a friend when Shige is in New Zealand, and is preeminent for ability at the training in New Zealand.

Sotoasobi It introduces the outdoor leisure of the whole country in Japan.

Kayaker's tweet The site Mr. Sonomura of Fukuoka residence made recently.  It is recommendation to the man that a kayak will be challenged from now on. There are a lot of cool photographs.

FJALLRAVEN An official website of Fjallraven. It was renewal.

Ritaro's Room The site of the calming down that a Kayak lover's married couple resident in Kanoya-shi develops. Rhi-taroh is really whom! Oh, please look♪

Gokase river canoe tour Mr. Sugita's homepage carried out in the guide and school of the Canadian canoe on the Gokase river.  It is good in Canadian canoe leisurely slowly♪.

Canoe school Kyushu They serve Kayak school in Murasakigawa Kitakyushu. Vigorous kids let's join to this activity!! Nishiyan is webmaster of this site.

BLUE WATER ADVENTURE'S Amami-oshima Kakeromajima yacht cruise , A sea kayak, Snorkeling, Camping, Fishing, An adventure tour is here.  For the person who would like to do a nature in Amami-oshima・Kakeromajima freely comfortably. To a land of mystery in Kakeromajima...

Kerama Kayak Center It cannot overlook here as a Japanese island freak. Once going, it's inevitable to cling to it. The island of fascination "Zamami", and the KERAMA kayak center, Possibly is it watched ancient rite SAMANI going the sea? It is also a whale in winter!

Souten It is tour gorgeously about Okinawa by the guide of the man of the sea,
alias "TAKOTOSHI", Mr. Oshiro, and a staff Mr.Sakai!

Rainbow A store of Satoshi Nakatani who also has Mackenzie river expedition
experience actually.  Bun is taken care of very much from opening of a store those days. The JSCA authorization sea kayaking school.

Rain Dog The taciturn giant who has expedition experience circuit of Japanese one round, and Ireland one round.  The chief editor of a specialized magazine "Sea - Kayak" , Mr. Nogawa.

Nishiizu Coastal kayaks The man, Murata Yasuhiro which were rowed from the end of the south in Japan
to the north end. In fact, it has called also at Tanegashima (with hand stroke). The top paddlers which represent Japan are gathered.

Elcoyote The researcher of a global Arctic-regions tradition kayak, Mr. Builder Suzawa. Baidarka of Mr. Suzawa is row feeling like a dream! The Aburaya Bonney Basic kayak center is all right, too!

Agehakingdom A lot of information about Kumamoto!Because it is community site, Please write in it.

OUTDOOR&CAMP We introduce recommended outdoor equipments and rafting, canyoning, free climbing and wide information.

4s Factory Sales of 4WD tuning original parts, used parts, and used cars.

Southern Works The mountain bike tour & sea kayak tour in Fukuoka. The mountain bike is so much fun!!.

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Ikkatsu Kensaku Site rank check tool for Yahoo、msn、goo、Ask、Baidu.

too land Site where search engine can be made free.

restaurant omae XEX Who owner is a younger brother of Boss Shige in the age of L&A.

e-poket A search site,e-poket collection of links.

Psychology counseling Kokorono cafe We develop service to be useful towards most more.

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Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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