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TOPRestaurant & Bar which Landearth recommend

Restaurant & Bar which Landearth recommend

We recommend the following places that are good for eating, drinking or both.
These places are always recommended to people who come to Kuma and Hitoyoshi regions.

L&A COMPANY This place is run by the instructor of our president. Please check out the place, when you come Hitoyoshi/Kuma area for rafting. If you want to enjoy delicious food, an Italian restaurant called “BUONOBUONO” is a perfect choice. If you want to enjoy beer, then go to an American beer hall called “MALT L&B.” Do you want to drink at a stylish bar? We recommend “L&A,” a shot bar. All the three spots are really nice. Give them a try. Italian restaurant“BUONOBUONO” American beer hall“MALT L&B.” Shot bar“L&A,”

Uemura Unagiya This is a real long-established restaurant in business for more than 90 years. The restaurant’s signature sauce, which has been passed down since its establishment, has a full of eel flavor and tastes so good and superb. Live eels are kept in fresh water for 5 to 10 days for firmer fish flesh before being processed. Upon receiving orders from customers, the restaurant’s chef starts preparing the fish to serve the dish with perfect texture but without an offensive fish odor. Try this delicious eel dish at “Uemura Unagiya (eel restaurant), when you visit Hitoyoshi. Uemura Unagiya (eel restaurant)

Magokoro Chanponten This hotchpotch with 12 kinds of mainly vegetable ingredients goes well with thin noodles in a pig bone soup or a chicken soup. The vegetables also remain their crispiness for a better taste. This restaurant attracts customers of all ages and there are also some people who make a special trip from far away to this eatery. It’s definitely worth trying. Magokoro Chanponten Hitiyoshi Kuma Magokoro Chanponten Hitiyoshi Kuma

Tenkin Ramen This is a noodle shop along the street in the Hitoyoshi hot spring district. The special? Noodle with garlic saute. You will never know how delicious it is until you try. イタリアンレストランBUONOBUONO

Yakiniku Denchan We love this barbecue restaurant very much. All of our staff often go this restaurant after tours especially during the summer. Den-chan’s recommendation is the “auntie’s” special omelette. The serving portions for meat are absolutely big. Check out the eatery, when you are here for rafting.

"Karamenya-masumoto Hitoyoshiten “Spicy, but delicious!” It’s the catchphrase for this noodle shop. Spicy, delicious and healthy noodles served at this shop are very popular among women.

Yakitori Sagara Landearth guide's Favorited this Yakitori shop(barbecued chicken restaurant)!

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