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TOPHow to enjoy in the second time and more.

How to enjoy in the second time and more.

To those who love rafting with Land Earth in the Kuma River

Thank you indeed for participating in the Kuma river rafting tour of the land earth this time. Our company has held the tour such as,Kumagawa Rafting,Kawabegawa Rafting,Maegawa Rafting,CanyoningandDucky,Kayak school,MTB,Trekking & Climbing mountain & Headwaters camp tour,Snowboard & Snow shoe tour,etc..

Outsides Kumamoto prefecture, we also have a branch office in Tanegashima (Tanega Island) in which we provide for sea kayak and snorkeling activities as well as surfing schools, and we aim to ensure that our customers have a highly enjoyable day. Please consider our services in Tanegashima when you feel like having a time of your life in the ocean.

Other than rafting, Hitoyoshi/Kuma region offers you various activities as well, such as the Hinamatsuri (Dolls’ Festival) and the Shochu (Japanese spirit) Festival. You will have a great time for sure.

Rafting course of phantom, Only when great flooding!!!

  • To Kawabegawa Rafting course introduction KAWABE RIVER <Grade 3~4>To Kawabegawa Rafting course introduction
  • To Maegawa Rafting course introduction MAE RIVER <Grade 3~4>To Maegawa Rafting course introduction

Let's enjoy the Kuma river rafting!!

Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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