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TOPRafting Kumagawa Q&A Frequent questions and answers

Rafting Kumagawa Q&A Frequent questions and answers

Q1 Can I join the activity even if I can not swim?
Answer A1No problem, As we offer life jackets, even if you are not at good at swimming, do not worry. By the way, one of our companions is not good at swimming.
Q2 Is it ok to join even if I am a beginner...?
Answer A2No problem, We will hold training program for safety and directions of how to ride a boat, so please don't worry.Also, about 90 percent of the participants in the first time. and many participants are female, Even if you are a beginnner of rafting, lacks physical strength, if it is the 5th or the 6th time to participate, anyone can enjoy the activity starting from that day.
We think that is the most fascinating thing about rafting.
Q3 What kind of guides are going to ride with us?
Answer A3Please take a look at the page of STAFF. These are our jolly colleagues of Landearth. They are acting quite funny in the pictures, but they are the river guides who will escort you. All of them are members of the RAJ (Rafting Association of Japan) and most of them had aquired international license of SRT(Swiftwater Rescue Technician) . They had of course gone through hard(?) guide training.
Q4 Will the activity be canceled if it rains?
Answer A4We are going to get wet anyway, so the activity won't be canceled even if it rains. If it rains and the water level rise, we will change the place of rafting to Kawabe river and Mae river(there are usually not so much water in these rivers), which is the side stream of Kuma river. Of course the activity will be canceled if the water level is too high. We will make the decision for that and let you know in advance if it is to be canceled.
Q5 Until when can we do rafting?
Answer A5The Kuma river rafting tour of Landearth is in operation all year long. The season I recommend is from April to January because the water is a bit cold from December to March. People who wants to join the tour is welcome all through the year.
We do snowboard tour in winter, so please come on and join us.
Q6 Where should we go?
Answer A6Meeting place of all tours are set to Land Earth headquarters. We would like to offer our customers cozy environment and we built it. All theme of locker rooms, rest rooms, lobbies, and shop, etc. is cozy environment. Parking space is available up to 50. This is for free so please feel easy.(^Q^)/
Q7 How about the correspondence if I was injured?
Answer A7Land earth is a pioneer of Kumagawa rafting which is established 12years ago.
The trust with the insurance company is also strong, and now a new company can't take out a public liability policy, but our company is affiliated with it and the external creditworthiness is different from the other rafting company.
Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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