Rafting Kumagawa Land earth Ltd.[RAFTING & OUTDOOR SPORT LANDEARTH]

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Company Profile

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Thank you for taking a look at our web site. We will mark our 18th anniversary of our activity since we started business rafting at Kumagawa in 1993. Back in those days, we were desperate to let people know the fun of rafting, though we did not exactly know how.
With our wish to offer people the most enjoyable and safe rafting experience, we had done rafting trainings in New Zealand and had trained in Gifu on how to do emergency care. Never forgetting our original intentions, we will keep on trying to do our best to make this activity even better. Thank you.

Company Profile

  • Company Name Land earth Ltd.
  • Location Zipcord 869-6401
    1379-1Watari Kuma-mura Kuma-gun Kumamoto Japan MAP
  • Contact TEL 0966-34-7222   FAX 0966-34-7223
  • Representative director Shigemitsu Sakoda
  • Number of employees 23
  • Branch office and store Land earth Tanegashima branch office, Patagonia shop "Land earth O.D.DEPT"
  • Contracted insuranse company Tokyo Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd business activity inclusive insurance compensation insurance joining.
  • Establishment June 24, 1993
  • Capital stock 3.000.000 Yen
  • Activities Rafting tour in Kuma river, Kawabe river and Mae river, placing activity tour, selling products related to outdoor and rescue and various lectures and teaching rescue,consulting service
  • Customers Patagonia Japanese branch, Iwatani resort Ltd., Aoki canoe works Ltd., Mont bell Ltd., Bellcadia Ltd., A&F Corporation, Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd., Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,Ltd., JTB Corporation, Marks rescue source Co.,Ltd., North river safari Co., Ltd.
  • Affiliation group Japan river guide association, Kuma river rafting association, Japan free style kayak association, rescue 3 Japan and Japan motor cycle sports association, Hitoyoshi Tourist Association, Kumamura sightseeing promotion conference, Kumamoto sightseeing school excursion invitation, Kuroshio yacht club, Tanegashima sightseeing association
  • Company own space 609tsubo.  Parking space for 50cars
  • Company cars 14

Guidance of Company building

  • LAND EARTH Outdoor Sports Club - Kuma-river Company building img1
  • LAND EARTH Outdoor Sports Club - Kuma-river Company building img2
  • LAND EARTH Outdoor Sports Club - Kuma-river Company building img3
  • LAND EARTH Outdoor Sports Club - Kuma-river Company building img4
Lounge Relax area - Please relax here with enjoying Kuma's nature. Activities' movie is screened.
Locker room
Locker room & Stall shower Please change your cloths to adventure mode. You can use shower after rafting.
AIRE company rafting boats
Boat house We are in possession of great numbers of extremely strong and expensive AIRE company rafting boats (made in USA).
  • Rafting boats20
  • Inflatable kayak8
  • River kayak6
  • Sea kayak23
  • MTB8
Rafting equipment
We put together every kind of equipment that is needed for a safe rafting.
  • Wet suit170
  • Life jacket160
  • Helmet150
  • Paddle200

The history of The LANDEARTH

The history of The LANDEARTH
  • 1993We started for the first time Kumagawa rafting in Kumamoto - the company name was "Pao Works expedition club good fortune". We started at an apartment in the local Ganjoji.
  • 1995The new office was established in Kamiaoi.
  • 1997The office transfered to Oniki-cho.
  • 1999The office transfered to Tsuruta-cho.
  • 1999We changed the company name to Land earth Ltd.
  • 2000Contract with Patagonia Japan.
  • 2002Land earth Tanegashima branch office was established.
  • 2003We started Patagonia shop "Land earth O.D.DEPT" in Oniki-cho.
  • 2003Land earth headquarter was moved from Hitoyoshi city to Kuma-gun, Kumamura watari.
  • 2006Currently, we're in the process of pioneering new adventure fields.
Land earth strictly observes the standards of safe rafting,
And official affiliation company with Rafting asociation RAJ.


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